Man Signs Compact With the Devil

The man on the left is the devil. The man on the right just sold his soul to him. At a recent security summit between Great Britain and France, Britain pledged €22 million to help the migrant ‘jungle’ situation in the northern French city of Calais. Meanwhile both countries pledged €2 billion to fund a new drone prototype, a joint effort to support greater security and military ties between the two countries.

“This programme … will be based on a multi-role drone platform that could serve as a basis for future operational capacity after 2030…We plan to invest €2 billion in this programme with a technical assessment towards 2020.”

Oh how the mighty have fallen. This latest move by President Hollande goes a long way from his Socialist roots. Indeed, this latest deal makes it look as though Hollande has completely crossed the aisle to opposite side.

Admittedly Hollande has faced enormous pressure in France from all sides. The most recent attacks have come from within his own party. The last socialist minister Christiane Taubira left the government in January after the government passed legislation that would strip French nationals with duel citizenship of their citizenship if they were found to be involved in a terrorist organisation. The French cabinet is a completely different front to the one which Hollande took into office with him five years ago and represents a complete about-turn of this Socialist government’s commitments and strategy.

This reverse course has not stopped Hollande from having the lowest approval rating ever of any French president. Hollande is in doldrums and is probably looking for anything to shore up his support back home in France. Hence this latest deal to give a pittance of care to the poor and starving migrants, while committing to a weapons program that will help create more refugees in the future when it is unleashed on the world.

That is the greatest irony. In the same deal, the two countries have decided on the one hand to give €2 billion towards a program that will kill and displace the very people they are trying to help right now. On the other hand the figure they are giving to help the refugees is just 1/100th of the amount they are fronting for this latest weapon of war.

Together Britain and France spend €80 billion on their military. Both are members of the UN Security Council Members, both have nuclear weapons, and both are member of NATO. Unlike Germany they did do not face restrictions from their national governments to wage war overseas save for the usual political process. This puts them both in an important position of looking after theirs and Europe’s military interests on the international scene.

In saying this however, Francois Hollande is the leader of the Socialist party where violence is disavowed and the inclusion of others is a fundamental principle. If Hollande was the committed Socialist he thinks he is he would have got more than €22 million for the crisis in the north of France. Hollande will return to France thinking this is a victory, the rest of us will see it for what it really is – a deal with devil – and a bad one at that. Moreover, as we all know, a deal with the devil always ends well for devil. The very weapons that France and Britain will make together will be the very weapons that will further foment this refugee crisis and deal more heartache and suffering to the region.

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