Dynamic or: please kill yourself and save the rest of us from your shallowness

Dynamic is the worst fucking word in the English language because it’s being completely butchered by fuck-heads who try to sound smart – reality check you’re a fucking retard (don’t be offended, I meant to say you’re fucking stupid, that your brain doesn’t function properly i.e. you are retarded).

There is nothing worse than reading news reports, government policy papers, and academic studies that feel the need to ram down your throat how fucking dynamic something is.

Really, it’s just a word to make you (a) seem smart, when really what you’re saying is really elementary, or (b) you actually have no idea what you are saying and want to fake it, or, finally (c) you purposefully want to obfuscate from the reality of how shit you are as a person.

So what is the definition of dynamic so that we can set the record straight.

These seem like pretty standard definitions. But they have left some key aspects out, namely, that the word is meaningless because it can be applied to basically anything, for example: “Omg, such a dynamic haircut!”; “Boris Johnson is the most dynamic politician in Britain at the moment”; “I’m going dynamically pound your face into the earth with this hammer if you don’t stop saying the fucking word dynamic.”

Here is how a normal person would say those sentences: “cool haircut! But you still look like a cuck”; “Boris Johnson should be retroactively aborted”; “If you say that word again I’ll force you to watch while I fuck your wife (and she’ll enjoy it)”.

Dynamic is an abomination of a word. Stop using it. Or if you do say it make it a part of your final words to the world like, “please swing that dynamic axe so dynamically into my neck that my head rolls dynamically off the platform into the dynamic crowd who will then dynamically foist it around on a stake passing it to one another as they piss and shit all over it.

So the next time you’re considering to dynamically drop a ‘dynamic’ into a sentence just remember, every time you do, humanity loses a little bit more faith in you. And if you do decide to go ahead and do it, how about you fuck off and dynamically fist your asshole – hmm yummy.

 Dynamic. A shit word, for shit people.

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